Kids Blocks

WoW was originally founded to make toys for charities, to give to children. We currently give toys to 18 charities. At Hathaway Ranch Museum WoW has a workshop to mass produce wooden building blocks from donated wood. This is usually from construction sites.Kids Blocks2 The guys do a great job converting rough lumber to the nice blocks you see. 12,000 blocks a year- thats a lot of cutting and sanding!

WoW members also made 1500 toys in their home work shops. These are usually cars and trucks made to a size for 1 1/2″ wooden wheels that the club provides. At the November meeting we have a “wheels and axels” night where the cars and wheels come together.Wheel addWOW TRuck

Wheels and axelsWOW cars  2014


We also have an event at the Boys and Girls Club and Adventure Park, where WoW provides the cut out Christmas ornaments. Cut out from wood, of course, these ornaments are different shapes that the children can choose from. Angel, tree, star and stocking are the favorites. The supervised children then apply white glue and glitter to make their own creations.

Xmas ornaments2Xmas ornaments3 Xmas ornamentsXmas ornaments4


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