Hathaway Ranch


Hathaway SignThe intrepid crew that meet Mondays at Hathaway Ranch to work on the club block project. Seen here are Dick Toney,  John Okawa, Charles Kresge, Ray Mitchem, Jim Lockwood, Gene Getz and Ron Holtz.  Jim Sparling is usually there. As you can see it is a nice shop with saws and many sanders. It takes a lot of sanding to turn construction lumber into the nice smooth blocks we give to the kids. They would love to have you join them. You only need to show up when you are available.  11901 Florence Avenue, Santa Fe Springs, CA

Contact us first through email to make sure they are meeting.

Hathaway Ranch GroupHathaway InsideHathaway CuttingHathaway SandersKids Blocks2

WOW makes 10,000 building blocks for kids a year 


  1. don reilly says:

    this looks like a great place to share some of my little talents with others,

  2. Sandra Ellefson says:

    I would like to join to the mondays activities on Hathaway Ranch, I just need to know the schedule and what do I need to bring.

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